(Bond Bridge) - Troubleshooting Programming the Bond

1. Make sure the device the application is on is connected to the internet.

2. Power the BOND off and on.

***Consider replacing the battery in your remote control since the signal may be too low for the Bond Bridge to detect it.

3. Put the remote control closer to the Bond (1 inch) or if moving the remote closer to the Bond did not work, try moving the remote further away (4 feet) from the Bond.

If that did not work:

4. Go back to the dashboard (main page) of the Bond home application, select + sign, and choose remote control. Then try programming your remote control again using the step below.

5. When the application asks you to record the button of your remote, try a different angle from the BOND before pressing START and recording the button.

***First try pointing directly at the Bond Bridge. Use the USB plug as the reference for the back of the Bond Bridge.

6. Once the countdown timer begins and the Bond is scanning (flashing blue), press (single press) or continuously press and release the function on your remote control until the Bond center ring turns Green (recording successful).

If that did not work:

7. Try the same step as Step 6 but with a different function on your remote.

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