(Bond Bridge) programming the IN2TX45 remote using the Bond Home application

If you are using a RF remote with the FCCID (usually located on the back of the remote) of IN2TX45, please follow the instructions below for programming the Bond Bridge with this remote.

  • Make sure you're on the mobile app version v2.15 or greater. If not, update through the app or Play store.
  • Make sure you are on firmware version 2.9.5 or greater.  If not please select the Bond Bridge device, and choose Firmware Update.
  • Select + to add a new device from the Bond Bridge application.
  • Choose Remote Control.
  • Select your Bond Bridge.
  • Choose Ceiling Fan as the device type.
  • Provide a location and Device name.
  • Select Continue.
  • When you get to the Choose Command screen of the Bond Home application, please select POWER or Speed 1.
  • Press and hold the up arrow button on the remote standing about 2 feet away from the Bond Bridge and release when the center ring turns green. 
    • The selection should be FCC ID: IN2TX45.
  • Use the test panel to verify the functions work. 
    • If there are any icons that already have a green circle around them prior to testing, there is no significance to them so please ignore. 
  • Save the remote panel by selecting This is my remote.
  • Select Done.

You should be able to control the device through the Bond Home application.



This procedure will NOT work with the legacy Bond Bridge application!

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