(Bond Bridge) How to determine an IR or RF remote.

The Bond Bridge supports devices that are controlled by RF remotes within the radio frequency range of 300-450mhz for RF and IR devices that use 38kHz OOK modulation.

IR Remote

  • Most IR remote does not have anything written at the back of the remote that indicates the remote frequency. 
  • The infrared signal won't transmit through walls or around corners. To control your device the IR remotes require line-of-sight to your device. 
  • A small LED bulb at the top of the remote (like the one at the top of most TV remotes).
  • You may also try the test below to confirm if you have an IR remote:
    1. Open your mobile phone's camera. 
    2. Point the remote towards your mobile phone's camera lens. 
    3. Press and hold any button on the remote while looking at your phone's screen. 
    4. While holding the button on the remote, you should see reddish light, this means the infrared signal is working properly.

RF Remote

  • Most RF remotes have the FCC ID at the back of the remote. 
    If you have RF remotes and would like to check for Bond compatibility, you can enter the remote FCC ID here: https://bondhome.io/supported-devices/
  • Some RF remotes already have the frequency indicated at the back of the remote control.
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