(Bond Bridge) - Using the Web user Interface to set up your Bond

Procedure for Bonds with serial numbers that start with Z (ZZ10000) or serial numbers that start with A or B on version 2 or above of the firmware

The set up for the BOND is a two part process.  In the first part, you need to connect to the BOND unit through Wifi using the BOND application.  After this is completed, you will connect the BOND to your home WiFi network.  If you are not able to connect to the bond unit WiFi through your phone / tablet, the instructions below will help.  This procedure allows the bond to connect directly to your WiFi and associate the bond unit to your Bond Home account.

  • Go back to the main page of the Bond Home application (cancel set up).
  • Make sure the Bond Bridge is in setup mode (flashing green center ring)
    • Use a small pointy object such as a toothpick to press and hold the reset switch located in a small hole next to the USB cable connector. Hold it down until the ring turns green (about 5 seconds) and then release.  The ring will blink white for several seconds and finally return to a flashing green.
      • NOTE - please release the reset button before 8 seconds as holding it longer will do a factory reset wiping all data.
  • Go to the WiFi settings for your device.
  • Please make sure your cell data is off or the automatic switch to cell data for bad wifi connections is turned off.
  • Select the BOND WiFi (serial number of your BOND unit).
  • Open a web browser on your device that has the BOND application installed on it.
  • Enter in the browser address bar.
  • Enter the account code, letter A in the image below
    • The account code is located in the BOND Home application settings/Account Info.  Settings is the the cog located at the bottom right of the application.
  • Select Add BOND to Account.  Letter B in the image below.


  • Select your WiFi network (Select your Access Point).  
  • Enter in your password.
  • Select Connect to WiFi.
  • After you select the WiFi network, enter your password and select Connect (Letters C, D, and E) your BOND will be associated to your account and connected to your WiFi network.
  • If there are any issues with connecting the bond, please contact customer service at customerservice@bondhome.io

You can open the BOND application and start adding devices.


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