(SBB) Firmware Update

It is possible to update the firmware for Smart By Bond devices in two ways. During the initial setup, a firmware update is performed before you connect to WiFi. A firmware update is performed through the Bond Home application when the SBB device is connected to WiFi and the Bond server.  

During Setup
  1. Open the BOND application.
  2. If you already have a BOND account, simply log in and continue to the next step.
    1. If you do not have a BOND account press “Create account” and enter your name, email, and a password.  You need Internet access to create an account or log into the Bond Home application.  If only updating firmware, internet access is not required starting at step 3.
  3. Select to add a device 
    Android                          iOS
    mceclip0.png IMG_6751.PNG
  4. Select Smart By Bond 
  5. Select the Bond powered fan
    1. In the Android version select the serial number for your SBB device.  SBB devices start with the letter K.
    2. For iOS, go to Wifi settings on your phone and select the Bond  Config Wifi (starts with K).
      1. Go back to the Bond Home application.
      2. Select Continue.
  6. Once the BOND application connects to the fan, select CONTINUE to proceed.
    1. If you are asked for a pin, please enter the 4-digit pin, which may be located in the manual, on the receiver unit in the fan's canopy, or press and hold the Power or Stop buttons on the associated remote for 6 seconds.

  7. If there is a Firmware Update message, select Update to perform the update.


    ***note- if you only want to update the firmware, stop after the firmware update completes..
  8. Test the fan functions.
    1. You have the option to disable the light function if your fan does not have a light.
  1. Select YES, IT WORKS.
  2. Specific information about your fan
    1. Select Location and choose from one of the predefined entries or add your own by selecting OTHER. When finished select Save.
    2. Select Device Name and enter the name for your device. When finished select OK to save.
      1. Please note that this name will be used for integrations so a simple easy to remember name is best.
  3. Select Continue.
  4. Select the WiFi network you would like to connect the SBB to.
  5. Enter the WiFi password and select OK.
  6. If there is an issue with the connection, wrong password entered. You will receive an error message. Please select OK, I’ve Got it.

    1. Start the set up process again by choosing+.
    2. You will start at step 8 to confirm the application controls the fan.
  7. Once the connection is made, please select DONE.
  8. If the SBB fan is not displayed in the BOND application, please swipe down to refresh. 
Update through the application after completing setup

If the SBB has an update for the firmware, you will see a notification on the main screen.


2. Open up the device and select settings.


3. You will see an indicator for Firmware Update when there is updated firmware for your SBB.  Select Firmware Update.


4. The BOND application will show the installed (current) version and the latest version.  If the update applies to your SBB, you will see Update available displayed.  Please select UPDATE to start the Update process.

5. Once the Firmware update completes, the settings display will show it.  You may have to go back from the settings screen and back into it to show the updated version.


6. Keep pressing the back arrow to return to the main application screen.

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