(Bond Bridge & Pro) Firmware versions

Firmware for Bridges with serial numbers starting in Z

v3.14.1 – released 7/5/2023

Note version 3.14.1 is for Bond Bridges starting with Z. 

New Features:

  • Virtual Remote Control allows you to get a virtual Sidekick control for any of your Somfy RTS or Gaposa motors. This allows changing limit settings, managing remotes, and accessing other features available on the factory remotes which were previously impossible via Bond. This feature is only available on Bond Bridge Pro (serial numbers start with ZP).

Works with Bond

  • Support Forrest shade and drape products. 


  • Some Dooya unidirectional motors (RMS5) did not operate correctly. We fixed this by doubling up the transmissions. 
  • Fix issue where Gaposa motors did not work when operated from a Bond Group.

v3.13.6/8 – released 4/8/2023 and 4/12/2023

Note version 3.13.6 is for Bond Bridges starting with ZZ.  Version 3.13.8 is for Bond Bridge Pros starting with ZP.

New Features:

  • Multiway switching support on SBB wall switches (Craftmade WCS-100, WCSD-100)

  • Sidekick now supported on Smart by Bond. (But you may need to wait for v3.13 to be released for your product.)

  • VirtualRC: Sidekick-in-Bridge to support limit setting, managing other remotes, and more.  This is not available for Bond Bridge Pro units.


  • BPUP: Restart socket if it's stuck on an error state
  • BSidekick: fix dev_type abbreviation for shade devices
  • BSidekick: fix key_links with argument expecting string when should expect int
  • BSidekick: fix issue with SBB dev IDs having leading zeros
  • BSidekick: reject bad action, event strings on key_link API
  • BSidekick: __modified timestamp fixes
  • BSidekick: send correct model field on API

Remote details:

  • Bridges:RMS136 Add Ronco support

API Changes:

We made some minor additions to the Sidekicks API to improve key linking and enable Multiway.

  • [BSidekick] Add support for sidekick POST with 'mode'
  • BSidekick: added channel device type

v3.12.6 – released 3/21/2023


  • RFMan: fix out-of-order signal bug.  This was impacting some "sequence-based" ceiling fans, and perhaps some shades.
  • Sidekick: adds support for recent Sidekick Scene Keypads

Remote details

  • remotes::RMS133: Add Embedia technology.
  • remotes::RMS138: Add Forest technology.
  • remotes::RMS119: Add J-Star technology.
  • remotes::RMS25: Add Pair for App A-OK Tech UI 
  • Bridges: Add self unpair to A-OK tech UI 
  • Remotes::RMS115: Fix BTX template 
  • Bridges: RMS115 Dendo/BTX add Unpair 
  • remotes::RMS76: Bofu, fix pair and addr randomize 
  • Bridges: RCF268 Add new hunter template, to support fans with opposite direction codes 
  • [Bridges] RMS5, Dooya OOK tech

v3.8.4released 11/09/2022

  • Fix issue on HomeKit support.
  • Improved performance for shade groups.
  • Fixed a problem where the Bridge light ring was solid green instead of blinking green.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

v3.8.2released 10/26/2022

  • Improved control reliability for shades for Rollease motors.
  • Add support for PowerShade RF technology.
  • Improved support for Dendo/BTX.
  • PowerShades, Turnils AMP, and other Dooya FSK technologies now move synchronously when controlled in a Bond Group.
  • Nice Green now supports slider
  • Gaposa motors in a group now move synchronously on Bond Bridge Pro.
  • Add support for a new Lowes' ceiling fan.
  • Support new Lowes' Henderson fan.
  • Fix issue where firmware upgrade may get stuck at 89%.
  • Bridge now executes actions faster.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.
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