(App) Using Bond Home Scenes with Integrations

Scenes allow you to add devices from different locations in the Bond Home application to perform certain actions.  If you want the east facing shades to close at 8am and the ceiling fans in the dinning area to turn on to speed 2, all of these actions are done in a scene.  Scenes are able to use a combination of  devices and groups.  These scenes also can be used in integrations.

*note - currently only Alexa is supported.

Alexa Scenes

  1. In the Alexa application, make sure Bond Home skill is enabled.
    1. Enable the bond Home Skill
  2. Select More.
  3. Select Routines.
  4. Select + at the top right.
  5. Select "add an event" in WHEN.
  6. Choose any of the options that you would like to be a trigger to activate your Bond Scene.
  7. Once done setting your activation tap on Next.
  8. Select "Add an action" for ALEXA WILL.
  9. Tap on Smart Home.
  10. Tap on Scenes.
  11. Choose one of your Bond scenes.
  12. Tap on Add.
  13. Tap on Save.

Alexa will display "Routine is created" when it has been successfully created.

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