(Bond Bridge & Pro) Manual Programming a Remote

In the Bond Home application, you can program a remote in 2 different ways. 

1. One click - Programming would require recording just 1 command or button and the Bond Home application would present you with remote templates to test for your device. For remotes that support One Click programming, these are remotes that are fully supported by the Bond Bridge.

- To see if the remote is supported by the Bond Bridge, please go to https://bondhome.io/supported-devices/

2. Manual Programming (also known as Raw Recording) - Programming would require recording each command on the remote one at a time.

Below are steps on how to manually program your remote to the Bond Bridge:

Important Reminders for programming:

  • Please make sure that the remote does control the device you want to program first.
  • If using a multi-channel remote that controls multiple devices on a single remote, please make sure to first set the channel on your remote that only controls the specific device you would want to add to the Bond Bridge or Bond Bridge Pro.
  • Use new remote batteries if at all possible to make sure it can support the programming.
  • Press and hold the button from the remote during programming or if it doesn't record, please try the steps again but this time repeatedly press and release the button.
  • The remote must be next or close (2-4ft away) to the Bond unit when programming.
  1. In the Bond Home application, select + (plus) which is located bottom center in the Android application and top right in the iOS application.
  2. Select the Device Type you would want to program.
  3. Choose the Bond Bridge you want this device added to.
  4. Add specific information about your device.
    • Select Location and choose from one of the predefined entries or add your own by selecting OTHER. When finished select Save.
    • Select Device Name and enter the name for your device. When finished select OK to save.
      *Please note that this name will be used for integrations so a simple easy to remember name is best.
  5. Select Continue.
  6. Choose the function or command to program first.
  7. From the Add a New Device screen, select Advanced settings.
  8. Select Signal type. ***The Bridge Pro is only RF***
  9. Choose Radio Frequency (RF).
    • Select Auto for frequency.  This will allow you to enter the frequency the Bond Bridge (or Bond Bridge Pro) is trying to record.
    • Enter your remote RF frequency.  If there is information already entered, please backspace to remove first.
      *If you do not know the frequency of your remote, you can check using the FCCID of your remote. The FCCID is generally located on the back of the remote.
      Please go to FCCID lookup and enter the FCCID.  Scroll down the page to see the frequency.  Input that information into the frequency box.
        • Note - The Bond Bridge only supports frequencies from 300-450MHz.
  10. Turn off "Search Remote Database."
  11. Select Save.
  12. Press Start or next in the Bond Bridge application to start reading the signal.
  13. Repeatedly press your remote's button you selected in step 7 above until the Bond Bridge center ring flashes green.
    • If the center ring doesn't flash green:
      • Use new remote batteries if at all possible to make sure it can support the programming.

      • Please try the steps again but this time press and hold the button.

  14. When the system displays the test, test if it works. If so, click yes.
  15. Repeat Steps 7 through 17 until all functions are programmed.
  16. Select Done.

After following the manual programming steps above, you can now control your newly added device in the Bond Home application.

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