(Bond Bridge Pro) Adding a Sidekick

Starting in Bond Home application version 2.44.0 with at least a firmware version of 3.12.6 you will be able to add a Sidekick shade remote or scene keypad directly from within the Bond Home application.

Adding a Sidekick

  1. Open the Bond Home application.
  2. Select + located at the bottom center for Android and top right for iOS.
    1. Select the QR scanner  icon at the top right to scan the product QR code  which is on the sticker located on the underside of the Sidekick.  This will take you to step 4 in the document.
  3. Choose Sidekick. 
  4. Select a Bond Bridge Pro.
    1. Sidekicks will only work with Bond Bridge Pro units.  If you have both a Bond Bridge and a Bond Bridge Pro associated with your account, the Bond Bridge will be dim (greyed out) and not selectable.
  5. Press and hold the top key on the Sidekick until the Application detects it.
  6. Chose a location for the Sidekick from the provided list or select other to create your own.
  7. Select Continue.
  8. Select Done.

Deleting a Sidekick

Below version 2.45 of the Bond Home application

  1. Select the Bond Bridge Pro the Sidekick is attached to.
  2. Open Advanced.
  3. Scroll down to Manage  Sidekicks.
  4. Select the menu for the Sidekick you want to remove.
  5. Choose Remove.
  6. Select Remove again.

Version 2.45 and above of the Bond Home application.

  1. In the Bond home application, select the Sidekick you wish to remove.
  2. Select the option menu at the top right.
  3. Select Remove Sidekick at the bottom center.
  4. Select Remove again.
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