Vera and micasaverde

I like the concept here but need something that works with Vera / MiOS / micasaverde so I can fully integrate fan control into my. HA Smarthome. Are you going to have an open API or better yet a plugin for Vera?


Also, how many fans can be controlled and what is the limitation on RF distances? Will multiple Bonds be required in a 2-story home with 6 fans inside and 5 outside on the back patio?



  • Seconding this. 

    Vera has a very active community with a lot of developers. If an API (even a very rough engineering paper) is released, I'd be interested in developing this integration plugin myself.

  • Vera/Mios would be good for integration. I would like to see that as well.

  • I would like to see this integrate with cabinet led strip lighting.  The remotes are frequently RF as the controllers are usually hidden away.  This is becoming a very popular add on for smart homes and I have not been able to find any compatible  transmitters to interface with voice command devices such as Google Home or Amazon Echo.

  • Could we get an update on this? I very much want this but it needs to be able to integrate into MiCasa / Vera / Mios HA gateway locally or via cloud API. Please Please Please.


    Can someone from Bond please reply to this thread?

  • I don't think they are interested but therefore they are missing out on potential sales.

  • Can't believe they are ignoring the fact that people are offering to get their device to talk to Vera for free.   All those extra Vera customers that can control everything Z-wave except their RF Fan.   Not the best way to go about gaining a lot of new customers.

  • I should have come back and posted to this thread earlier. I sent a request into support and got a fairly quick reply (only a few hours) from Bond. They are working on a public API and plan a release in Q4 of 2018.

    To try and give them a bit of benefit here, I expect they are fairly small in resources. It is quite hard to make money on consumer HW implementations. It takes some time and work to implement working, tested, scalable and reliable public APIs. The work they did for Alexa and GH can all be implemented privately and substantially more streamlined.

    Could they do better at watching and responding to these boards, sure. Are they working on what we need, they claim to be. I'm going to give them some more rope and see how they do.

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