(Bond Bridge Pro) Setting up and Using Homekit

Homekit for shade control using a Bond Bridge Pro on firmware 3.5.1 is available starting with Bond Home application version 2.4.1.  Homekit does not offer a preset position option so you will not be able to use that feature through Homekit. 

Setting up
  1. Select the Bond Bridge Pro to be used with Homekit.
  2. Choose Advanced settings.
  3. Scroll down until you see Homekit.
  4. Turn Homekit on and note the code displayed as that will be used later.
  5. Open Home on your iOS device.
  6. Select +
  7. Select Add Accessory.
  8. Select More options.
  9. Select The Homekit enabled Bond Bridge Pro from step 4.
  10. Choose Add Anyway in the Uncertified Accessory dialog.
  11. Enter the code from step 4.
  12. Select Continue..
  13. Once the connection is made, you will have options for the Bond Bridge Pro and the devices associated with the Bond Bridge Pro.
    1. Choose the location of the Bridge.  You can pick from the available items or use the create new Room option to make your own.
      1. Select Continue when done
    2. Bridge Name -use the information from the Bridge or change as desired.
      1. Select Continue when done.
    3. Select Continue When the Bridge Added is displayed.
    4. The first BBP device is displayed, select Continue.
    5. Select a location for the Bond shade.  You can choose from the available options or use Create New Room to create your own.  To keep naming consistent with the Bond application, you can use the same location.
    6.  Select Continue.
    7. Decide on a name.  You have the option of using the one from the Bond Bride Pro or you can edit to something else.
    8. Select Continue.
    9. Enable the automation if it works for you.  If this specific automation is not what you need, you have the option of creating another in the device settings.
  14. When the final item has been added select Done.
Controlling through My home

To open or close

Tap once on the shade device and it will open if closed or close if open.

Setting a position

Press and hold the Bond shade device.  Use the slider to position the shade to the desired level.

Using with Homepod

Voice Commands

**Note - values for shade position are in reference to how much the shade is open.

Hey Siri, Open <shade name>

Hey Siri, close <shade name>

Hey Siri, set <shade name> to 72 percent

Reset the Bond Homekit Integration

**Note - if the Bridge is not discoverable by Homekit, this should resolve that issue.

  1. Open the Bond Home application on your iOS device.
  2. Select the Bond Bridge Pro you have integrated with Homekit.
  3. Select Advanced Settings.
  4. Scroll to locate Homekit.
  5. Swipe left on Homekit to reveal Reset.
  6. Select Reset.
  7. Select Reset after reading the information.
    1. Select Cancel if you do not want to proceed.
Removing a Bond from Homekit
  1. Select the home icon at the top left of the Home application.
  2. Select Home Settings.
  3. Select Home Hubs & Bridges.
  4. Select the Bond Bridge Pro you want to remove.
    1. If you have more than 1 unit, verify the name prior to removing.
  5. Scroll down and select Remove Bridge from Home.
  6. Select Remove.


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