(Bond Bridge & Pro) allen + roth shade help



Pairing Problems

Shade not jogging when trying to pair

The pairing process requires the battery to be partially removed and inserted.  It is important the battery does pop out to start the pairing process.  Pressing on the triangle while pushing down on the battery cover should open the cover.  Continue pulling down until the battery pops out. 

The video below shows how to do this.



Recording the remote

When selecting OTHER in shade setup, It is important that the remote is within 2 feet of the Bond Bridge when pressing a key on the remote.  Make sure to repeatedly press and release the remote key until the Bond center ring flashes green.


Select Allen+Roth from the list and proceed to testing the functions.

Using Integrations

When using the Bond Home application to control the shade, you have the ability to open, close and stop the shade.  When using an integration you are able to open and close the shades with voice commands.  Just use the integration wake word and say "open <shade name>".  An example for Alexa would be "Alexa, open kitchen shade".

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