(Bond Bridge & Pro) Not able to dim ceiling fan light through Integration

The ability to dim a ceiling fan with a light through integrations like Alexa and Google requires the fan with the light to be able to increase or decrease the light intensity without looking at it to stop at the desired level.

For an integration with Bond products to allow light dimming through the integration, Bond and the integration need to know if the light intensity is being increased or decreased.

Not able to dim through integration

When you open the fan device in the Bond Home application and see information for the light like the example below, this means you start the dimming process by pressing Dimmer and when you see the brightness is at the desired level you press Dimmer/stop again. You will not be able to use the integration for light dimming.  


Able to dim through integration

If the light information in the Bond Home application is like the example below with separate controls for increasing and decreasing brightness, you can control dimming through an Integration using the information in the articles below.




Note - icons in this article are darker than the actual ones in the Bond Home application to improve readability when viewing this article on a mobile device.  


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