Bridge Application - problems with controlling devices remotely

PLEASE note this does not impact users of the current Bond Home application.


We are experiencing a problem that will create an issue with remote control (Alexa, Google Home) if you are using the legacy Bond Bridge application.   We are working to resolve this as soon as possible.

Update 17:00 eastern time - we are still working to correct the issue.

Update 19:00 eastern time -  the V1 server remains shut down.  V1 (Bond Bridge application) users will need to migrate to the V2 application.

1. Download the Bond Home app:
2. Try to log in with your existing account email and password.
3. If that fails, create a new account.
4. Tap the (+) button, and choose Bond Bridge.
5. You will now need to hold the setup button on your Bond unit until the center ring goes GREEN, and then release. The Bond will start flashing green after about 1 minute. You can then connect to its Bond Config network and continue the setup.





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