(Bond Bridge Pro) Center ring LED colors

The Bond Bridge Pro uses the center ring to display information.  The information below lists colors users will see during operation.

  • White / flashing white- startup and hardware program loading.  If the center ring is solid white for more than 1 minute, please reach out to customer service and support.
  • Blinking green - in WiFi set up mode.
  • Solid green -  connected to Ethernet.  You still need to do set up by selecting + in the bond Home application as the Bond Bridge Pro is not connected to your Bond account.
  • Ramping blue- connecting to WiFi.
  • Spinning blue - connecting to the cloud (Bond server).
  • Solid blue - connected to WiFi and the cloud (Bond Server).
  • Orange - did not connect to WiFi.
  • Blinking blue - transmitting a signal or scanning during remote programming
  • Brief solid green - after scanning for a remote indicates success.
  • Fast flashing orange - scan during programming failed.
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