(SBB) Correcting fan paired to wrong transmitter

How to correct "Fan paired to wrong transmitter" on Smart by Bond fans supporting multiple transmitters:

Smart Phone Method (recommended)

  1. Open the  Bond Home application
  2. Select the Smart by Bond fan you want to modify.
  3. Select Settings.
    1. mceclip1.png in the iOS version of the Bond Home application.
    2. mceclip2.png in the Android version of the Bond Home application.
  4. Select Advanced Settings.
  5. Select Manage Remotes.
  6. Delete just the remotes in question; or, use the triple-dot menu and select "Forget all remotes".
  7. Tap "Learn a new remote".
  8. Follow on-screen prompts to (re)learn the desired remotes into the fan.

If you have multiple fans on the same circuit, we strongly recommend that you use the Smart Phone method above. The options below require separately powering each fan.

If you are not using the Bond Home smart phone app and you can separately control the mains power to each fan, then use one of the procedures below:

Brute Force Method

  1. Turn mains power OFF to the fan.
  2. Turn mains power back ON on the fan.
  3. Hold down the Power button on the transmitter for 5 seconds, until the fan light flashes 3 times.
  4. Repeat steps 1--3 above 4 more times.
  5. The fan's memory is now totally overwritten, and it has forgotten all other remotes.


Factory Reset Method (not recommended)

  1. Turn mains power OFF to all fans.
  2. Turn mains power ON only for the fan needing code correction.
  3. Within 15 seconds of turning on, hold down the Speed 1 button on any compatible transmitter for 20 seconds.
  4. The fan light should blink 5 times and may spin up on low speed for 10 seconds.
  5. Wait 10 seconds.
  6. Hold down the Power button on the transmitter you wish to pair. The fan light should flash three times and the motor spin up for 10 seconds on low speed.
  7. If you were using the fan on Wi-Fi, you will need to reconnect to Wi-Fi.
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