Bond Bridge - SmartThings not Showing Bond Bridge Devices

After you enter your Bond account information into SmartThings, your Bond local devices should be available in SmartThings.  If you do not see them, please try the steps below.

  1. Select the menu at the top left of the SmartThings main screen.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Connected services.
  4. Select Bond Home.
  5. The connected service will be displayed and the associated devices.
  6. Select Done.

 Your Bond devices should now be displayed.


SmartThings will only show devices that are local to the Bond Bridge unit.  You can tell if the Bond Bridge device is local by opening the device in the Bond Home application.  Once the device is open, select the menu at the top right, followed by Device Settings in iOS or Settings in Android.  If there is Local Token and information for the device, it is local to the Bond bridge and will be available in SmartThings.  


If there is no local token, the device is cloud based (on our server) and will not be listed in SmartThings.  We are in the process of moving all devices to the Bond Bridge.  You can try recording the device again to see if it shows up as a local device.  The link below will take you to the setup article with instructions for programming the bond with your remote.

If you are going to use the newly programmed device, you will need to follow steps 1-6 above PLUS update any other integrations you are using with the Bond Bridge device.

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