(Bond Home) Alexa Integration Instructions when moving from the older Bond Bridge application to the new Bond Home application.


If you are moving to the new Bond Home application, please follow the steps below to make sure the Bond Bridge devices work using the new Alexa Bond Home skill.

1. Please leave the (old) Bond Bridge skill enabled for now.
2. Link the (new) Bond Home skill.
3. Ask Alexa to "discover devices".
4. You should notice you now have two devices in Alexa for each device in Bond, with one of them starting with "DELETE ME".
5. Disable the (old) Bond Bridge skill.
6. Delete all the "DELETE ME" devices from the Alexa app.

NOTE: If you already disabled the old Bond Bridge skill, try re-enabling the old Bond Bridge skill and discovering devices. You should see the "DELETE ME" versions appear. Then continue at step 5 above.



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