Bond Bridge - Google commands when using the bond home application

The information in this article provides the commands you can use to control your bond bridge devices when using the Bond Home application. 


Syncing devices

Ok Google, sync devices

Support for Ceiling Fans:

  • "Turn on/off <device name>"
  • "Set <device name> to speed #"
  • "Set <device name> to low/medium/high"
  • "Set <device name> speed to <beaufort scale>"
  • "Turn on/off <device name> light"

Support for Motorized Shades:

  • "Open/Close <device name>"
  • "Set <device name> to favorite position"

Support for Fireplace:

  • "Turn on/off <device name>"
  • "Turn on/off <device name> light" (if fireplace has light)

Support for any other generic device type (last item in the Device type listing):

  • "Turn on/off <device name>"

***Note - use the chart below to convert the low, medium and high commands to the equivalent ceiling fan speed.


If there is an issue with Google correctly interrupting the fan speed, please try using the Beaufort name from the information below.


On a 6 speed fan you would say "Hey Google, set ceiling fan to Hurricane Force" to set the fan to speed 6.


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