(Bond Bridge & Pro) - Add a shade using the Bond Home application

Adding a shade that uses PAIR

Adding a shade that uses PAIR 

  1. Open the Bond Home application if it is not already open.
  2. Select + located in the top right of the iOS version of the application and lower center for Android.
  3. Select Remote control.
  4. Select the Bridge or Pro you want the Shade associated with.
  5. Select Shade & Awning.
  6. Select the Shade  from the displayed list to use pairing.  Choose OTHER to program a shade not on the displayed list.
  7. Choose a location from the list or select OTHER and create your own. 
  8. Select Save.
  9. Choose a name for the device.  Please make sure it is easy to remember and to say as this will be used in integrations like Alexa and Google. 
  10. Select Continue.
  11. Press and hold pair generally on the back of the remote (see example locations in the images below) until the shade briefly moves up and down or beeps.  This is referred to as a jog.
    1. You may have to press the pair button more than once.  The application will guide you through the number of times it needs to be pressed.
  12. Select yes.
  13. Select Pair.
  14. The shade should jog or beep again.
  15. Select Yes.
  16. Test the functions to confirm proper operation.
  17. Select Done
    1. If this shade has slider compatibility with the Bond Bridge Pro and needs activation or calibration, those options will be displayed next. 
  18. Select Done again.
Setting up a Shade video

Setup video using a Somfy remote

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