SBB - Connecting to a Different WiFi Network

If you would like to change the WiFi network your SBB fan is connected with, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the BOND application.
  2. Select + to add a device

  3. Press and hold the stop / power button on the fan remote for 5 seconds.
  4. Select Smart By BOND.

  5. Select the BOND powered Fan

  6. Once the BOND application connects to the fan, select CONTINUE to proceed.

  7. Test the fan functions.

  8. Select YES, IT WORKS.
    1. Your Device Name and Location will be retained.
  9. Select Continue.
  10. Select the WiFi network you would like to connect the SBB to.
  11. Enter the WiFi password and select OK.
  12. Once the connection is made, please select DONE.
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