(SBB) How do I Reset my Fan that is connected to BOND

Remove Fan from bond account

  1. Open the fan device.
  2. Select Settings (top right in the bond application).
  3. Select Options (top right)
  4. Select Remove Device.
  5. Select REMOVE.

Factory Reset

This will erase the device from the application and all settings for it.  The WiFi connection information will also be erased.

  • Power the fan off.
  • Press and hold one of the remote buttons based on your remote configuration.
    • Speed 1 button on the remote if your remote has separate buttons for the fan speeds.
    • Timer button if your remote DOES NOT have separate buttons for the fan speeds.
  • Power the fan on.
  • Continue holding the remote button for 20 seconds.
    • The light will flash 5 times indicating the reset has been completed.

If you used the learn process for the remote and fan, you will need to do it again after the Factory reset.


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