Bond Bridge - Remote programming help

Steps to help program the BOND with your remote

  1. Make sure both the Bond Bridge and the BOND application have a connection to the internet.
  2. Create a new device and try again using the steps below.
  3. Get closer (1 foot) or further away (4 feet) from the BOND and try again
  4. Try a different angle from the BOND
    1. First try pointing directly at the BOND.  Use the USB plug as a reference for the back.
  5. If that doesn't work:
  6. AS the BOND is scanning (flashing blue light) press multiple times repeatedly on a function on your remote - Some remote control time out after 5 seconds.
  7. Try the same as step 6 but with a different function on your remote
  8. Power the BOND off and ON.
  9. Consider replacing the battery in your remote control - signal maybe too low for the BOND to detect correctly.


Video for Remote Troubleshooting


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