Bond Bridge - Manually programming the Bond using the legacy Bond Bridge application

The procedure below will allow you to manually program the remote functions into your Bond.

  1. Try to add a new device from Bond Bridge application.
  2. Choose Fan device type, click on Next.
  3. From the Add Functions screen, select Advanced settings.
  4. Choose RF
  5. In the Frequency rectangle, please enter ***frequency for remote***. If there is existing data, please delete it first.
  6. Select Done.
  7. From the Add Function screen, select "Speed 1" icon to record.
  8. Press Start or next in the Bond Bridge application to start reading the signal.
  9. Press and hold your remote's "Speed 1" button until the Bond Bridge center ring flashes green.
  10. When the system displays the test with just the Speed 1 button. Test if it works. If so, click yes.
  11. Repeat Step 7 through 10 until all speed functions and the light(s) are programmed.
    1. You can’t program the dimmer using this method. Dimming is only available if the remote is in our database
  12. Click Done.


Video instructions to manually program the BOND using the iOS application


Video instructions to manually program the BOND using the Android application

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