Bond Bridge - Adding Top & Bottom Lights using the Legacy Bond Bridge application

  • From the BOND dashboard, select which device you would like to add a top & bottom light.

  • Select the + icon.




*** Important Note*** If your BOND panel has a light icon you may have to remove it. To do this, press the "Edit" button and then select the light icon. Once you do that select "Done".

  • Select Advanced settings
  • Make sure Search on remote Database is not selected.
  • Select either the top or bottom light function.




  • Aim your remote at the BOND and PRESS and HOLD the function you want to record.




  • The BOND light will flicker blue as it is scanning your remote:
  • The BOND light will start flickering faster once the signal of your remote is detected.

  • Keep pressing and holding the remote function you want to program as long as the blue light is flickering.

  • When your remote signal was recorded the BOND light will change to green for two seconds to signal successful recording and then go back to solid blue. If recording was unsuccessful the BOND light will to change to orange for a few seconds before going back to solid blue.

  • If you were unable to program your remote please try the following:

    • Try changing the remote batteries.

    • Instead of pressing and holding the function, try pressing the function repeatedly.

    • Get closer (1 foot) or further away (4 feet) from the BOND and try again.

    • Try pointing the remote directly at the BOND when recording.

    • Try recording a different function.

    • Unplug the BOND, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in again. Then try recording your remote again.

    • If you are still unable to program your remote, please contact us at


*** Important Note*** You do not need to hold/press the remote function for the full 30 seconds. You can let go right when the BOND light turns green.


  • Repeat the same process for your other light. If you programmed the top light first, then program the bottom light. If you programmed the bottom light, then program the top light.
  • After adding the Top and Bottom lights, please remove any lights that are not needed.
    • Select Edit from the Control Panel
    • Select the x for each one you want to remove
    • Select DONE when finsihed




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