bond bridge - Current Application Version

Please see the information below that indicates the current bond application versions for Android and iOS along with the current firmware version.  It can take over a day for the new version to be available. If you don't see it right now, please check app store or play store later.

If you have a bond serial number that starts with A, B or Z, please use the bond bridge application, DO NOT use the bond home application at this time.

iOS App V1.138.6 - released 6/7/2019

  • Fix firmware update issues.
  • Update application name and description.

Android App V1.138.4 - released 2/22/2019

  • Fix some bugs.
  • Improve local HTTP communication.
  • Add Account Code to Account Settings Screen for WebGUI.
  • Fix issue that prevented ZZ-bonds from being set up a second time.
  • Firmware update improvement (ZZ-bonds)


For a bond with a serial number (S/N) that starts with AI, AJ, BB, BD, BH

1.138.1- released 2/22/2019

  • Fix issue with re-connection to server after server restart.

For a bond with a serial number (S/N) that starts with ZZ

2.7.15 - released 8/14/2019

  1. [Shades] support Somfy shades via Open and Hold features (offline)
  2. [Fireplaces] support fireplaces via Flame and FpFan features
  3. [State] device state now persists power cycle
  4. [API] sys/version now contains bondid
  5. [API] sys/wifi/sta now contains MAC address for all products
  6. [LEDs] fix a bug where lights would not stop blinking when dimmer released
  7. [WiFi] fix bootloop if no WiFi networks visible
  8. [WiFi] add support for static IP and custom DNS servers in API and WebGUI
  9. [RF] improve support for 300-315 MHz
  10. [DB] increase available space in database for Bridges (A, B serials
    1. Numbers 1-10 were originally included in version 2.7.13
  11. [Shades] Support the "Preset" action. Via Alexa or Google Home: "set (name of shades) to favorite position". Users who set up their shades in v2.7.13 will need to set them back up in v2.7.15 to get this functionality.

This version will need to be updated by going into the bond settings (pencil icon), selecting Firmware upgrade and choosing UPDATE NOW.

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