(Bond Bridge) Alexa not Showing BOND Devices using the Bond bridge application

Please try the steps below to see if this allows Alexa to control the BOND ceiling fans.

  • Power the BOND off for 30 seconds by removing the USB connector.
  • Power the BOND back on by plugging the usb connector into the BOND.
  • When the BOND center ring is solid blue wait 2 minutes and press the refresh symbol located at the top right of the application main page (one with all of your fans).  Refresh is next to the application settings cog.
  • To the left of the BOND on the BOND application main page is a circle, there should be a blue dot in the middle of the circle, if not do the refresh from the step above.
  • Clear the cache from the default browser used on the device with the Alexa application.
  • Open the Alexa application.
  • Go to skills and disable the BOND Home skill.
  • Re-enable the BOND home skill.  You should be asked to log into your BOND account.
  • Once the skill is linked a discovery will be done.
  • Once the discovery completes the BOND devices should be there.  
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