(Bond Bridge) Bond LED Patterns

By looking directly down at the BOND center ring, you will see five separate LED units.  The number of units on plus the color will tell you the status of the BOND.  

Error Patterns

Three Red 

BOND not starting up
Try unplugging/plugging back in. If that fails, please contact support.

One Blue

Firmware update in process
Wait up to 3 minutes for firmware upgrade. DO NOT UNPLUG BOND

If the blue LED stays on for more than 5 minutes, contact support

Three Red Blinking

Bad power supply
Make sure to use BOND power supply and cable, or try a new power supply (5v, 1A) or cable.

Please contact support for a replacement if under 1 year, or a authorized replacement.

Five Solid Orange

Unable to Connect to WiFi
Do a 
Green reset BOND and re-setup making sure the password entered is correct.

Contact support if the Orange ring happens again.

Status Patterns

One & Two Solid White

 followed by 

BOND is booting up.

Solid Blue

BOND is connected to your WiFi network.

Blinking Green

In WiFi setup mode.

Flashing Blue

Transmitting a signal.

Pulsing Blue

WiFi Connecting - this is when the BOND is attempting to connect to a WiFi network.

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