Application version 1.110 released on 2/5/2018


BOND application version 1.110 was released today with updates to the firmware to help with wifi connectivity issues which could lead to the BOND center ring turning orange or problems with Alexa and Google Home not being able to connect to the BOND device.  This version also includes the ability for the BOND to use a static IP address when connecting to your network

New Features

Force IR

To turn Force IR on, go to the settings menu for the BOND by selecting the pencil icon. 
Warning: when Force IR is selected, the BOND will not scan RF until Force IR is de-selected. 

If you want to add an IR ceiling fan, you can use this feature.

It is also possible to add window or split A/C units using Force IR and Ceiling Fan, however the only really usable controls will be ON and OFF, assigned to Speed 2 and Power, respectively.

Version information

Android application: 1.110.1
iOS application: 1.110
Firmware: 1.110.2



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