(Bond Bridge) TDBU shades

Starting in Bond Home application version 2.48.0, Bond Bridge products have the ability use some motor technologies that are used in Top Down Bottom Up shades.

In this release, the upper and lower parts of the shade that move will be paired to the Bond resulting in one device for the upper rail and one for the lower rail.

Pairing steps

  1. If not already open, open the Bond Home application.
  2. Select + located at the top right for iOS and bottom center for Android.
  3. In the Add a New Device screen, select Shades, Roofs, Screens & Awnings.
  4. Select a Bridge.
  5. Choose a technology to add. 
    1. The TDBU motors will display TDBU in the name for the motor.  There will be one for each of the upper and lower rails.  Both need to be paired for the shade to operate correctly.
    2. In the Bond Home application for certain branded Bridge products, their motors will be shown at the top.  Please scroll down to the bottom of the list and choose Show all to see all supported motor technologies.
  6. Select the Upper Rail.
  7. Provide a Name for the upper rail.  You may want to keep UPPER in the name so it is easy to remember which rail this Bond device will move and integrations controlling it.
    1. The name has to be unique.
  8. Select the location that this shade is located.
  9. Select a Subtype for the shade.  The default is roller.
  10. Select Continue.
  11. Follow the pairing instructions in the application.
  12. Select DoneDO NOT use add another like this.
  13. follow steps 2 - 12 to add the BU lower rail just make sure to choose lower rail for step 5.

Once both the upper and lower rails have been added you will see 2 shade devices.  One for the upper rail and one for the lower rail.

Operating the shades

  • Open the shade device in the Bond Home application.
  • Use the Open, close and hold commands to  position the shade position.
  • Each shade is operated independently and will stop if the movement position will hit the other rail.
    • If the lower rail is open 75 percent, the top rail will only move down 25 percent.  Both shade rails do not move at the same time.
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