(APP) Dealer Business cards

Starting in Bond Home application version 2.46, business cards are available for users to easily reference information about the dealer that installed their products.  For dealers, this allows you to have your information available to Bond users so they can easily contact you when they have questions on the their products from you.  It also allows users to find a dealer for new products.

Please note this is the early stages of deployment so changes may occur and all information is not for actual dealers.

How to for user
Working with dealer information Searching for dealer 
  1. Open the Bond Home application.
  2. Select Settings located on the bottom right.
  3. Select My Dealers info.
  4. Your dealers information will be display along with options to write a review, contact the dealer and mange the dealer in your Bond Home account.

*information is removed from the test dealer displayed above.

Contacting Dealer

  1. Select Contact Dealer
  2. You have the options to call, message or send an email to your dealer.

*information is removed from the test dealer displayed above.

Options related to your dealer

  1. Select the options menu for your dealer.
  2. You can share the dealer information, view the dealer QR code and remove the dealer from your account.

*information is removed from the test dealer displayed above.

The Dealer card
Signing up Using 
  1. Fill out the Dealer card form
  2. Once the account is approved, it can take up to 72 hours for this to happen, you will receive an email with the account information including your QR code.
  3. Your dealer card will be available to users at this point and in the My Business Card section of the Bond Home application.


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