(Bond Bridge Pro) No Response message in HomeKit

If you are using HomeKit with your Bond Bridge Pro and see a No response message for a shade or multiple shades in HomeKit, here is some information about the message.


With the current implementation of the HomeKit integration, we have a limit of 25 devices for it to work.

Over 25 devices
With more than 25 devices HomeKit may not respond at all. This may be intermittent, but it is still not recommended.

12 to 25 devices
With 12 to 25 devices, they may appear as “Unavailable” or “No Response” when opening the HomeKit app, but you can control it with no issue.

Under 12 devices
With 11 devices or fewer, you will see all the statuses in the HomeKit and they operate as expected.


The solution for proper operation with 25 or more devices or to remove the "Unavailable" message is to use another Bond Bridge Pro and put some shade devices on that Bond Bridge Pro.

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