(Bond Bridge Pro) Adding devices to your sidekick paired to a Bond Bridge Pro

After your Sidekick is connected to your Bond Bridge Pro, you can program devices to keys on your Sidekick.  If you have not connected your Sidekick, please follow the information in Adding a Sidekick.

Important note

In order to utilize this functionality, you must be able to control the shades, fans and lights through the Bond Home application prior to linking to the sidekick.  If you can't control through the application, please add the shades, fans, lights to the Bond Home application.

The best experience is with Bond Home application version 2.49 or higher and a Bond Bridge Pro with a firmware version of at least 4.4.7.

Adding devices

Adding devices to a Sidekick channel

Usage note - a Sidekick, either Gen 1 or Gen 2, configured as a shade remote will only be able to control Shades.  The Gen 1 Scene Keypad or Gen 2 Sidekick configured as a Scene keypad will be able control shades, lights, fans, generic, SBB devices and groups that are in the Bond Home application.

  1. In the Bond Home application, open the Sidekick you want to program a key for. 
    1. The number of keys displayed is dependent on how the keypad is configured.  If you have configured the keypad for 3 scene mode only 3 keys will be displayed.
  2. Choose a Key to program by selecting + for the appropriate key.
  3. Select the Device Type you want to add.
     Grayed out / very light icons mean the device type is not installed on any of your Bond Bridge Pro units and can not be added.

    Device examples

      • Shade & Awing = Shades and awnings.
      • Ceiling fan = Remotes recorded on a Bond Bridge Pro and SBB fan products.
      • Light = Outdoor lights and SBB switches, and RF lights like the Somfy lights.
      • Generic devices = Generic recorded remotes.
      • Groups
  4. Select Continue.
  5. Choose the devices to add.  You can add more than 1.
    1. if choosing a group, select the groups or groups you want to include
  6. Select Continue after making your selections.
  7. Choose to activate the key function with a single or double tap..
  8. Select Continue.
  9. Select the function for the device.  The number of choices is dependent on the device type.  We are selecting turn on with a brightness of 100%.
  10. Select OK followed by Continue on Android to set the light brightness Level or fan speeds.
    1. Just select Continue on iOS and for all other Device types in both Android and iOS.
  11. Select done.
  12. Your Key link function has been completed.
Removing devices

Removing devices


  1. In Android press and hold the Key linked function to remove.
  2. Select Delete.


  1. On the Key linked function you would like to remove swipe left.
  2. Select Remove.
  3. Confirm deletion by selecting Remove again.
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