Alexa&Google does not reach BOND - Dec. 2017

This effect small minority of our user but we did discover the root cause of the issue and working on a fix for that. Currently the temporary fix for that is to recycle the BOND power ( unplug it from power and plug it back in).

The BOND is working just fine with Alexa or Google Home but after a while BOND is not responding to the voice command. This is a result of our communication broker giving up on server communication after multiple retries.


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  • Thanks my Bond stopped responding to voice commands with Google Home. The app on my phone worked fine. I power cycled my Bond and now voice commands work again. I would recommend in the known issues that you explain what power cycling means. Non tech savvy might not know that it simply means unplugging the Bond for 10 or more seconds and then plugging it back in . Ed Meade

  • Thanks. Good point.

    will fix this tonight.

  • Do you know when this will be fixed? I have to power cycle the BOND every few hours or so. That makes it worse than using the remote. I got it so my wife who is disabled can operate the ceiling fan. It is useless for that purpose until this is fixed. If it isn't fixed soon I want to return it and get a refund.

  • While waiting for BOND to support non-broadcasting SSIDs, I found I had to do a hard reboot to get Alexa to discover the newly created BOND devices. No errors or indications anywhere, just didn't work. After a hard reboot Alexa was able to discover though.

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