State Remote Controls - Expected Mid January 2018

Some Fans have remote controls which keep the state of the ceiling fan. These remote in great majority of the case will have a display on the remote. Below are few examples for what we call "state remotes".

Example 1

Example 2

The BOND supports these remotes but we are working on a software upgrade that will allow full functionality for fans that are operated with these state remotes.



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  • When in December will state remote controls work with Bond? I have a Casablanca W-62 fan remote and was able to program a single command once, but couldn't get any other commands to work.

  • What’s the ETA on this feature request?

  • We are racing to get it out next week. now in integration.

  • Any updates on this? I love this thing but the most used fan in the house doesn't work with it.

  • I hear you. We are 1 week away from release - sorry it took us longer than we expected.

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