State Remote Controls - Launched 01/24/2018

Some Fans have remote controls which keep the state of the ceiling fan. These remotes in great majority of the cases will have a display on the remote. Below are  a few examples for what we call "state remotes".

Example 1

Example 2

The BOND supports these remotes and the software upgrade that allows full functionality for fans that are operated with these state remotes has been released.

If you are having an issue Programming the BOND with your State Remote, please contact our support department for assistance.



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  • When in December will state remote controls work with Bond? I have a Casablanca W-62 fan remote and was able to program a single command once, but couldn't get any other commands to work.

  • What’s the ETA on this feature request?

  • We are racing to get it out next week. now in integration.

  • Any updates on this? I love this thing but the most used fan in the house doesn't work with it.

  • I hear you. We are 1 week away from release - sorry it took us longer than we expected.

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