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We want to make sure we get your through any set up issues you may have

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  • setting casablanca fan remote to bond big problem not working Really problem with remote with fan speeds etc any suggestions

  • I successfully set up 3 ceiling fans controlled by Bond. But the 4th one (and the one I actually purchased it to control) is not found by Bond. It is a Monte Carlo 3MAVR60XX Series Fan, UL Model NO.: 3MAVR60XX.

    Please help me resolve this because this fan was the main reason I purchased the Bond.

  • Hey,

    Found the fan model but it does not specify the FCC code of the remote. Can you please share the FCC code. Thanks

  • Remote model: 7RC04-CF00001
    FCCID: R8Y7RC04-CF 100001
    IC: 11692A-CF 100001

    CCAG13LP0240T6 Pan-World Technolodies, Inc.

  • Unfortunately we are not supporting this remote as it is a 2.4GHz remote. The great majority of fan remotes are under 434MHz. The BOND will eventually support proprietary 2.4GHz remote controls but this is something that will take few months for us to achieve.

    Sorry for the inconvenience

  • OK. I can wait a few months. So you're saying that you will be supporting this in the future, correct? And will the BOND update automatically? How will I know when to check it again?

  • Our update policy is that we push it through the app. I do want to share with you the fact that although the BOND hardware you have has a 2.4 GHz radio dedicated it was not developed or tested as we have just launched 3 weeks ago.

  • by 434MHz do you mean 433.9Mhz as I've that's what the remotes are using that I have?

  • We are covering 433.9 and 434MHZ

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