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  • Hi,

    The BOND iOS app controls my fan & light just fine but Alexa Skill won't work. (it used to work then simply stopped)

    "Waiting for Bond by Olibra.." then "Device is Unresponsive" is what I get when I try to control my fan through the Alexa iOS app.

    So, if my iPhone is talking to my BOND and my BOND is talking to my ceiling fan then why won't Alexa work with BOND?

    I really want to like this device but it's been a pretty frustrating experience so far.

    Thanks in advance for any help offered.


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  • I was trying to change my bond to a new wifi network after we upgraded. When I try to hook up it tells me i need to update my firmware. When I hit update it just gives me an error. I can't do anything using the app because it isn't on any network.

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  • Trying to find the bridge update history so I know what has changed between versions. Your Release section in the forum isn't up-to-date and neither are these other links. Also struck out with Google and Facebook.

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