How to Reset your BOND unit

The BOND hardware unit has three different reset modes.  The procedures below explain why and how to use each type of reset.

WiFi Reset (Green Reset)

This reset is used when you want to connect the BOND unit to a different WiFi network without deleting your devices.  This reset is also used if you were not able to connect to your wifi network (entered wrong password) and need to start the connection process again.

  • Use a small pointy object such as a toothpick to press and hold the reset switch located in a small hole next to the USB cable connector. Hold it down until the ring turns green (about 5 seconds) and then release.  The ring will blink white for several seconds and finally return to a flashing green.

  • Open the BOND application and select the + sign to add a new BOND.  None of your current device settings will be changed or removed.
  • Follow the BOND setup instructions.

Once you have joined the BOND to the new network you are ready to use your BOND.


Factory Reset (White Reset)

This reset will delete all of the devices in addition to network settings.  This reset would be used if you were moving to a new location and are going to set the BOND up with the fans at that location.  Do not use this reset if you have a problem connecting the BOND to your WiFi network.

  • Press and hold the reset switch located next to the USB cable connector until the ring turns White (about 10 seconds). 

  • Once the ring returns to a flashing green color, proceed with setup.


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