(Bond Bridge) How to connect to a WiFI network.

Already Connected

If you are already connected to a WiFi network and want to change to another one, please follow the procedure in the link below.  This will not remove any devices stored on your Bond.

Changing WiFi connection in the Bond Home application

Not connected (orange center ring)

The GREEN reset is used to reconnect to a network after a disconnection (orange center ring), entered wrong password during setup, changing to a new WiFi network and the old one is offline.  This reset will not remove any devices stored on your bond.

  • Use a small pointy object such as a toothpick to press and hold the reset switch located in a small hole next to the USB cable connector. Hold it down until the ring turns green (about 5 seconds) and then release.  The ring will blink white for several seconds and finally return to a flashing green.
    • NOTE - please release the reset button before 8 seconds as holding it longer will do a factory reset wiping all data.

  • Open the BOND application and select the + sign to add a new BOND.  None of your current device settings will be changed or removed.
    • If your Bond device has a QR code on the bottom Select SCAN QR CODE, if not select Bridge Pro or Bridge.
  • Follow the BOND setup instructions.

Once you have joined the BOND to the new network you are ready to use your BOND.



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