Bond Bridge - I Have Duplicate or Extra Control Buttons using the legacy Bond Bridge application

  • Make sure you have the Controls section open for the device you have the duplicate or extra controls.
  • Select Edit


  • Touch the x on the top left of the control you want to remove.
  • Continue removing items until all are removed.
  • Touch Done


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  • Are all duplicate button safe to remove, or are there circumstances where they may actually have different capabilities?

    My MinkaAire Concept II remote has a rocker-like 2-button setup for the light -- pressing either top or bottom will turn it on/off, and holding the top or bottom bottom will brighten/dim respectively.

    My Bond app shows 2 "Light" buttons and 2 "Dimmer" buttons. Both buttons in each pair each seem to work the same, but since the light actions lag a bit, it's hard to say for sure... Can I safely delete those two duplicate buttons?

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  • It appears that with my Casablanca, which uses a "State Remote Control", you don't have the ability to edit the control function buttons :(

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