How do I dim the light on my ceiling fan

  • Open the Bond application if not already open
  • Select the Ceiling fan you want to dim the light on
  • Find the icon for Dimmer


  • Press and hold the icon to raise and lower the brightness level if your fan support this. 
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  • Is it possible to trigger this command with Google assistant?

  • I have a Hunter fan that uses a single button control of light on, off and (long press) for dimming. I am unable to get the dimming function to work thru the iPhone app. Is there a trick to it or is it simply not supported?

  • I've found the only way to do it is to hold the button which will work like your normal remote and meaning you have to bring it all the way bright or dark before it will brighten again.

    I haven't had much luck with just the press. It's pretty inconsistent

  • No luck. Holding the button does not do anything until I let it go. Then the light just toggles ON or OFF.

  • Same here with my dimmer, holding down on the app does not do anything. However pressing the dimmer button 3 times will turn the light on or off. Mine has an upper and lower light and it takes several times pressing g different icons to activate. Oh and my Altura 60" fan remote isn't connecting at all to the app even though it found my remote.

    Please update us soon. I love the Bond concept and looking forward to Garage door control.



    I programmed my 3-speed Hunter fan’s remote in Bond and initially could not get the dimmer to work as well.   To make matters worse, I noticed that I lost the ability to dim even with the factory handheld remote.


    I have two remotes (one at the wall and the other bedside); they have the following part/model numbers labeled on the back of the remote:


    REMOTE #1 

    MODEL: (not provided) 

    P/N: K266-01 

    FREQUENCY: 434 Mhz


    REMOTE #2 

    MODEL: 99198 

    P/N: K266-03 

    FREQUENCY: 434 Mhz


    I found the following information on Hunter’s website re-enabling dimming mode on the handheld remote:  



    I held down the two arrow buttons together on the handheld remote until the light bulb and fan buttons flashed blue (this will then reset the light to its brightest setting).


    Afterwards, the dimmer started working in the Bond app without additional re-programming simply by holding down the corresponding button.


    I hope this works for you!  I’m now a big fan (no pun intended) of Bond.  :)

  • how does dimming work with Alexa and Google Home/mini?

  • For me, it's inconsistent at best. The command gets sent properly but my Hunter fan may get brighter or darker regardless of what I tell my Google assistant.

    My guess is that since the hunter fans only have one button to control the brightness and they only change direction once it reaches the lowest (or highest) setting that there's not much that can be done. I've settled on putting the lights at a decent brightness level and just using Google assistant to toggle the light on or off.

    The hunter ceiling fans just don't have the same control system as proper smart lights which is a real shame

  • Does anyone have instructions on programming the fan speed/power with this remote?

  • this is the fan remote i have P/N: K266-01

  • @Omar Shafi: on my Bond app (iOS version); four buttons automatically appeared after I initially paired with the Hunter remote:

    "Power" (turns the fan both on/off),
    "Speed 1" (lowest of 3 fan speeds)
    "Speed 2" (medium)
    "Speed 3" (highest)

  • Actually I am looking at the remote again and its part number P/N: K6266-01 . But when I added on bond app None of the buttons appeared on android. Let me give it a go on iOS

  • Still no luck with getting the buttons to appear automatically. I can program the light button to work fine. Cant get the power to work or the speed to match.

  • Come to think of it, I do remember having some problems with the buttons not showing up. It took me multiple tries until it finally showed up. Finally, I remember the app asking me how many speeds are on my fan remote.

    Have you checked

  • While you can dim lights by holding down the dim button in the Bond app, you can also try the following approach instead... replace the fan lights with smart bulbs, then dim the bulbs via Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Also for some reason my Wink hub stopped allowing me to dim the lights via the Wink app since I installed Bond.

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