How Many devices one BOND can control?

Each BOND can control up to 6 devices. At launch we are starting only with ceiling fans and will add more device categories through software upgrades. 

It means that a single BOND can control up to 6 ceiling fans. Once more device categories will be added you will be able to control a mix of 6 devices, for example; 2 ceiling fans, 2 A/C and 2 electric fire places.

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  • This is great, I'm concerned that I need to control more than 6 devices, would this mean another Bond unit is required and if so will the app Support pairing to more than once Bond Unit?


  • Can you expand the number of devices with 2 Bond controllers, will they interfere with each other?
    How many Bond controllers can you connect?
    Can you re-arrange order of icons into groups or Sort the Icons?
    Can you change icons with image?

  • Why is there a limit of six devices? I can see only sending commands to six devices at once, but it should be able to remember configuration for many more than six. What is it that prevents it from supporting more than six? I have seven fans, and in the future, hope to add my fireplace. One device should suffice.

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